Crown Roast Basics

Crown roast is an attractive special-occasion entrée created using a pork rib roast/rack of pork. The easy-to-prepare crown roast is formed from a pork rib roast/rack of pork that is tied into a circle, ribs up.Before roasting or barbecuing the crown roast should be “Frenched.” Simply cut the meat away from the end of each rib, so that part of each bone is exposed. A butcher also can tie and French the crown roast for you.After the crown roast is cooked, the tips of the bones are often decorated with paper frills. The roast’s hollow center section is often filled with mixed vegetables or other stuffing.

Meat Counter Tips

After cooking remove the roast and allow it to rest at least 10 minutes before slicing.

Generally a pork crown is ordered ahead of time from a local butcher shop or gourmet market.


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