Cowboy Troy Porkchop

To celebrate Porktober, the National Pork Board has teamed up with musical artist Cowboy Troy. His new song titled “Porkchop” is the perfect anthem to celebrate National Pork Month. Cowboy Troy, an American country rapper, brands his type of music as “hick hop.” He has previously released six studio albums, landing twice on the Billboard country singles charts. He currently travels with country superstars Big & Rich. Most importantly, he loves pork chops! Watch the music video:

Cowboy Troy on how the song came together: “Porkchop as a song, started out as a comedy bit. A friend of mine and his family went out for dinner. My buddy ordered a pork chop. He just started singing ‘gimme that pork chop, pork chop, pork chop, pork chop… When he told me and our other songwriting partner about it, the lyrics came together quickly. It was just funny.”

Troy has a love for cooking in his Hick Hop Kitchen. He reports his favorite cut is the ribeye pork chop, and he looks for chops with great marbling for maximum flavor. Troy often posts his food creations on Instagram with #HickHopKitchen. Follow Cowboy Troy @CowboyTroyGlobal for the latest!

Also featuring the musical talents of Monro Brown, Porkchop was released earlier this year and is on Troy’s forthcoming spring 2018 album, Laugh with Me. Download the full track of Porkchop today!