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Easter Grilling Recipes

celebrate spring with easter grilling By mid-April, you’re ready to roll out the grill. If you’re in a colder winter climate, it’s been a long off-season! Good news- spring is here and summer is right around the corner. Throw some… read more

Savor the Season with Pulled Pork

Ah… Labor Day. The last major grilling holiday of the summer. It’s always bittersweet when grilling season comes to a close, which is why I choose to take it slow and savor every last minute of it. And of course,… read more

A Pork-triotic Finale To Our Travels

Greetings from Washington, D.C.! Gloria and I are finishing up our travels across “PorkAmerica” with the most pork-triotic activity we could think of: eating a pulled pork sandwich while watching our national pastime in our nation’s capital! Yep, Gloria and… read more

Grilling the Grill Masters: Jamie Purviance

Image © Deborah Jones Studio Welcome to Grilling the Grill Masters! Every month, I’ll get the chance to speak with America’s top grill masters to learn their best BBQ secrets and find out what inspired recipes put the sizzle in… read more

Prime Time for Pineapple

If I had to make a list of the “Things I Enjoy Grilling,” pork would without a doubt take the top spot. Heck, if I’m being honest, it takes the top six spots on that list – it’s simply head… read more

It’s Tailgatin’ Time

Believe it or not, it’s the football pre-season! Which means you should go pre-season some pork with your favorite spice blend because tailgating time is now! With only three weeks until the football season officially kicks off, it’s time to… read more

Getting Gourmet With Mole

My neighbor Gloria just introduced me to one of the most flavorful, succulent sauces I’ve ever gotten my grates on: mole (pronounced mo-lay)! It’s spicy, slightly sweet and made with everyone’s second favorite ingredient, cocoa. (I just assume pork is… read more

Bring Out the “Tender” in Tenderloin

A salt bath, a complete rubdown, sitting in a high-heated area for about 8-10 minutes and finally rest. No, that is not the schedule of my day at the spa; those are the four steps needed for creating the most… read more

Dangerously Delicious Skewers

Grilling needs to be conducted with care. You should always grill outside in a well ventilated area, use long-handled utensils and be ready to extinguish flames at a moment’s notice. Because between hot charcoals, fire flare-ups and sharp knives and… read more