While beer and barbecue naturally go hand in hand, this favored beverage can be something more than what you grab from the fridge while grilling. Pork and beer are a match made in heaven. Have fun and put some thought into your pairings, or even try it in your next dish.


Beer is a friend of pork in general, there is a lot of diversity in this alcoholic beverage. Lighter beers are better with lighter dishes or as a refreshing drink, and hoppy/rich ales can be great with slightly richer dishes like ribs, bacon, ham or sausage. Porter-style beers often make a good match for even more intense meals, like an Irish stout with a pork Shepard’s Pie. Finding the right match depends on your taste buds, so feel free to experiment!


Did you know that you can cook with beer?! As football season gets underway, it only seems appropriate to find the most uses for beer.

Try Grilled Bratwursts with Onions Braised in Beer and Mustard for your next tailgate or game-watch. This recipe is full of flavor, featuring a dark or amber beer.

pork and beer

This recipe for Beer-Grilled Chops couldn’t get much easier. Combine a four-ingredient marinade and let your favorite chops marinate for a few hours before grilling them up. Any cut of pork chop will do, but bone-in often provide the most flavor!

pork and beer

Mustard fans will love this slightly spicy Beer and Mustard Marinade recipe with lager beer. Grab your favorite chops and let them soak up the flavors for a few hours before you cook.

Ginger beer isn’t just for your Moscow mule. Use to brine pork chops too! Lime & Ginger Beer-Brined Ribeye Chops will hit the spot with their unique and refreshing flavor.

pork and beer

Last, but clearly not least, we remind you of one of our favorite recipes: Pulled Pork Nachos. Use beer while cooking the pulled pork low and slow. Talk about the perfect food for a group!

pork and beer


Note, through the cooking process virtually all of the alcohol evaporates, making these dishes great for any age! Find out more about pork and beverage pairing recommendations here. Be adventurous, and have fun trying new selections. Cheers to your favorite flavor combinations!


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