While the holiday that often signifies the official end of summer is upon us, there is so much to look forward to! Gather your friends and family this weekend for fun, food and relaxation. Labor Day Weekend means the start of college football season, which means reasons to gather and tailgate to cheer on your team. There is still plenty of sunshine left to fire up the grill and enjoy some great eats. We present five recipes, and tailgate tips, to get you started this weekend!

“Sweet Fire” Porterhouse Chops

With just seven ingredients and a prep time of around five minutes, these pork chops are what we call a no-brainer. Tailgate Tips: Make the chipotle marinate in advance! Sub your favorite chili powder to reach your desired level of spice.

Pecan-Crusted Pork Pinwheels

tailgate tips

Pork tenderloin and bacon wrapped together, grilled, and smothered in a delicious Carolina Mustard Sauce leaves nothing to be desired in this recipe.

BLT Bruschetta 

tailgate tips

You love BLT and you love bruschetta, so combine the two! Tailgate Tips: Prepare and refrigerate topping ingredients and bake toast rounds ahead of time. For best flavor, apply topping to bread rounds right before serving.

Kick-Off Kabobs

tailgate tips

Kabobs before kick-off are the way to go! Tailgate Tips: If tailgating at the stadium, thread pork and vegetables on skewers at home, and store in plastic containers in a portable cooler until ready to grill.

Midwestern Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

tailgate tips

This sandwich is a staple in the Midwest, and if you’ve never had it, you’ll soon know why! The “tender” in the name of this sandwich refers to the ease with which you can sink your teeth into it. The cut of pork is actually boneless loin, “tenderized” with a meat mallet. Serve these monster sandwiches with sliced tomato, sweet onion and lettuce. Tailgate Tips: If your tailgate has a fryer or skillet, there’s nothing stopping you from this beauty!


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