Nontraditional Sharables for your Summer Cookout

It’s that time again… ’tis the season of backyard BBQs, block parties, and summer cookout gatherings. Special occasions often find us searching for new recipes to serve our guests or share with our friends. Don’t get stuck in a rut with run-of-the-mill potluck dishes. Surprise everyone and switch it up this year with a sharable they’re not expecting! We present four nontraditional dishes to snack on this summer for a fresh, new taste.

Ginger Pork Bibb Cups

Light and healthy Ginger Pork Bibb Cups are packed with flavor. Easy to transport and eat on the go, these make for a practical dish to travel with for a summer cookout.

summer cookout


What is ‘nduja, you ask? It is a deliciously spicy, spreadable pork salami from Italy. Look for it at delis, Italian markets or online. ‘Nduja and Giardiniera Crostini is worth the hunt! If you’re scared of spice, bring down the heat of this recipe by reducing the amount of jalapeno, the red pepper flakes, or both.

summer cookout

Nutty Pork Broil

Add these skewers to your next appetizer menu! Full of flavor with spicy dipping sauce, this recipe for Nutty Pork Broil will impress your guests! Throw these kabobs on the grill at your next summer cookout.

summer cookout

Kimchi Pork Sliders

Bring the tastes of Korean cuisine to the table! Kimchi Pork Sliders will go fast. Look for gochujang in the international aisle of most supermarkets and Kimchi in the refrigeration aisle.

summer cookout


Pork is trendy, and pork is truly The Taste of Now! Find more sharables in the Pork Be inspired recipe collection.

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