While we celebrate National Egg Day on June 3, we’re reminded what a good pair pork and eggs make for breakfast (or any time of the day)! Whether it’s breakfast pizza, a ham and egg breakfast sandwich, or classic bacon and eggs, you can’t go wrong. Advocate for better breakfasts! No more boring meals to start your day. Check out these four ideas that will get you excited about the most important meal of the day. Rise and shine!

Ham and Egg Breakfast Burritos

Better Breakfasts

Can you ever go wrong with a breakfast burrito? Bonus: you can literally fill it with all of your personal favorite ingredients! RECIPE

double pork hash

Better Breakfasts

Breakfast that gives you a warm and fuzzy comfort feeling inside: Double Pork Hash. With bacon and ham steak this recipe is double the fun. Top with a fried or poached egg! RECIPE

Pulled pork scramble

Better Breakfasts

The most underutilized meal for pulled pork is breakfast! Pulled pork is the perfect addition to your scrambled eggs. Why aren’t you doing this?! RECIPE

Breakfast the night before
Better Breakfasts

You read that right: make this breakfast the night before! The ease of this recipe makes it doable any day of the week no matter how hectic your schedule is. RECIPE

You surely have breakfast on the mind now! Explore more breakfast options here.

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