Even the casual mention of the word “barbecue” usually draws some attention. Everyone loves sweet, smokey flavors from the grill! Whether you’re a skilled pit master, backyard grilling machine or a frequent customer at your local BBQ joint, America has an undeniable passion for everything barbecue. What better month to celebrate this love than May? It’s the start of summer and grilling season for most of the United States. As we celebrate National Barbecue Month, we invite you to celebrate your love for ribs, chops and everything sauced!

1. Barbecue back Ribs

Who would ever turn down ribs? Try making BBQ Baby Back Ribs with Spicy Girls’ Dry Rib and Mop Sauce for a treat.

2. Cherry Cola Pork Ribs

Also try Cherry Cola Pork Ribs and pair with creamy potato salad, corn on the cob and/or coleslaw!

Barbecue Month

3. Barbecued Pork Steaks

The entire family will love the sweet flavor or these Barbecued Pork Steaks! Don’t have steaks on hand? Feel free to substitute with pork chops. Pair with baked potatoes and mixed greens.

Barbecue Month

4. Barbecue Pork Skillet

The weather doesn’t always cooperate with our grilling plans. Bring the flavors inside with the Barbecue Pork Skillet. With just a few minutes prep needed, you’ll have saucy chops plated in no time.

Barbecue Month

5. Grilled BBQ Pork Pizza Wrap

We dare you to merge your pizza world with BBQ! You’ll thank us. Grilled BBQ Pork Pizza Wraps are a fun twist on pizza featuring pork chops and, of course, BBQ sauce. Compliment with a cool and crisp salad!

Barbecue Month


Hear from the experts! Last summer the National Pork Board spoke with the grill masters themselves. Read the interviews:

Ray Lampe (aka Dr. BBQ)

Steven Raichlen

Moe Cason

Chris Lilly

Jamie Purviance

Myron Mixon

Happy Barbecue Month! Get ‘grillin! Remember when you’re grilling pork chops, Grill it Like a Steak!

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