I like to think I am the master of all things grilling, but the truth is, that honor belongs to my dad, Grilliam Sr. If it weren’t for him, I’d just be a little hibachi, nowhere near the grill I am today. Cooking by coal; how to tell when a charcoal brick is ready, how to properly sear a pork chop, how to be patient when cooking low and slow – he taught me all the ins and outs of grilling. I could go on and on


But that’s what dads do. They pass their knowledge and skills to the next generation so the flame of wisdom can be carried brighter and hotter. And in keeping with that tradition, I’ve picked out a Father’s Day recipe the entire family can cook together; a meal that kids – and fathers – always enjoy: Pizza!

Grilled Pork PizzaThis recipe for Grilled Pizzas with Herbed Pork and Brussels Sprouts is actually my father’s recipe, which he passed down to me. And nothing would make him prouder than having all the other fathers out there use this recipe to teach their kids the basics of grilling. Best of all, these pizzas are totally customizable, so everyone in your family can add their favorite veggies and toppings!

As the saying goes, Daddy knows – and deserves – the best, so grab your family, pick up your pork and Grill For It together!
Happy Father’s Day!

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