Pursue Your Pork Passion!

Thank you for all of your wonderful entries into the Pork Passion Pursuits contest! We sifted through thousands of submissions to select our winners. We’ll follow the lucky winners as they live out their ultimate pork dreams throughout the coming months on Facebook and Twitter as they use their grants to pursue their true pork passions.

Pork Passion Pursuits Contest

Meet our winners!

The Foodie: Devon Delaney of Westport, CT

Devon applied for the Pork Passion Pursuits Foodie category to spend her time exploring the cuisine of New Orleans.

She wrote that she would use her winnings “Submerging myself in the pork pleasures of the Big Easy's cuisine, From Andouille Gumbo, Ham Hocks, to Pork and Black Beans. Pork stars in the Muffulettas and New Orleans Pork Ribs too….I vow to pursue my dream of seeing, smelling, tasting New Orleans Pork. Not here at home but in person in the French Quarter with a knife and fork.”

We can’t wait to see your delicious adventure, Devon!

The Traveler: Kate Noll, Laureldale, PA

Aye aye, matey! Our traveler, Kate, is taking her passion for pork to the high seas and may pick up a pet parrot along the way.

She applied for the Pork Passion Pursuits, stating that, “My heroes are pirates--and pork! I dream of sailing the cerulean seas of pork paradise--the Caribbean. Once a favored stomping ground of bad boy explorers, the Caribbean now attracts a more serene set that favors gastronomical treasures over buried ones--and it charms the swashbuckling boots off of me!”

We’ll never make you walk the plank, Kate, but we will look for your plates of pork on your starboard adventure.

The Parent or Host: Krista Stewart, Auberry, CA

Krista remembers her summers surrounded by family in North Carolina fondly. Her pork passion is to recreate one of the family meals she remembers with such joy.

She recalled, “My favorite part of these vacations was the weekly family get-togethers with my many aunts, uncles and cousins. Inevitably, these get-togethers would include pulled pork and barbecue pork.  The bounty of vegetables, the beautiful tables, the smell of barbecue pork and pulled pork still waft through my senses.”

We know that your family and friends will appreciate your pork-inspired reunion!

The Tailgater: Jamie Heath, Birmingham, AL

Jamie Heath’s game-day traditions have southern roots and fanatic undertones, stemming from Auburn, TX. His dream is to take his Auburn tailgating-game up a notch and welcome the visiting team with the power of pork.

He wrote, “I'd like to set up a tailgating station that prepares pork in a way that represents the region of the visiting school. This will not only showcase the many, many methods of preparing and cooking pork, it will also bring a sense of Southern Hospitality to the tailgating scene.  After all, opening our hearts (and kitchens) to the visitors is what the South is all about.”

We can’t wait to see you show your southern hospitality with pork!

The Lifestyler: Heather McDonough, Glen Allen, VA

Stemming from a fascination for food history and pork, Heather wants to get up-close and personal with food history too!

She said, “My dream pork experience would be to discover the historic foodways of pork in America …As a food history blogger, I could capture this experience through photos and videos and show my readers the historical significance of the pig to American cuisine.”

History has never been more succulent!