Pork Knife & Spoon

Happy Housewife’s Quiche

Recipe courtesy of Darla Shine, author of Happy Housewives.  A light dinner or part of a brunch, this quiche uses classic flavors and leftover ham.  It can be served with either a salad and roll for dinner.  Or with fresh fruit… read more

Lean Homemade Sausage

Make your own sausage for tomorrow’s breakfast. Little cooks can mix seasonings and spices into the pork by hand (make sure hands are washed well before starting). Do not overmix. Serve patties with pancakes or in a breakfast sandwich. Or… read more

Skillet Pork Hash

Have some leftover pork roast and potatoes? Cut up and toss together for a hearty winter breakfast—or supper—treat. For dinner, serve with crusty hard rolls and a fruit salad. As part of a morning menu, serve with fresh fruit and… read more

Tex-Mex Turnovers

As featured at the 2004 International Association Culinary Professionals breakfast. Chorizo is a highly seasoned, coarsely ground pork sausage that is widely used in Mexican and Spanish cooking. Look for it in speciality grocery store or some large supermarkets.
Serve… read more