Tasty Dishes for National Pork Month

Now more than ever, pork is one of the most economical buys in the meat case. In today’s challenging times, families can feel good about choosing pork for its nutritional value and great taste, as well as its affordability. Looking for tasty recipes to help you celebrate this National Pork Month?

The National Pork Board and America’s Pork Producers have teamed up to offer a few tasty recipes that are sure to satisfy your family:

  • Cozy up this fall with a tasty Heartland Honey Mustard Pork Medallions dish. Pork producer, Greg Kaffenbarger of Clark county, Ohio suggests using a fresh lemon for the marinade and garnish medallions with the rest of the slices before serving for a refreshingly satisfying meal.
  • Long day at work? Pork producer, Henry Moore of Rose Hill, NC offers a flavorful favorite, Southwestern Green Chile Pork Roast that is ready when you get home from work. Add a tasty twist by serving on top of corn tortillas and top with Salsa Verde, avocados and sour cream for a tasty meal that will excite your taste buds.
  • For dinner, indulge in this Comfort Country-Style Ribs. The combination of vinegar and brown sugar over meaty pork ribs and a cabbage mixture gives a sweet and tangy flavor to this hearty dish. Serve with roasted potatoes for a complete meal.
  • Who says grilling is just for the summer? Serve up one of Pork producer, Loren Keppy’s of Durant, Iowa family favorite with this American Pride Pork Chop dish by grilling pork chops over direct heat for a tender dish full of flavor. Complete your cook-out experience with corn on the cob.

Hungry for More?

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