Shown: Pork And Mushroom Quesadillas

In the Meat Case

Butcher Tips

When browning pork, drying the cut off with a paper towel before adding to the heat source will result in more even browning.

Use tongs or a spatula instead of a fork when placing pieces in the pan or when turning. Piercing meat with a fork allows juices to escape.

Cutlet Basics

Description: A cutlet is a thin, tender cut of pork that is often taken from the sirloin end of the loin after the tenderloin and bones have been removed.

Occasionally cutlets also may come from the leg or from a tenderloin that has been sliced crosswise and flattened. Supermarkets also may label thin slices of cutlet as scaloppini.

Traditional cutlets are great for quick meals and casual dining. They may be prepared to stand alone as a dinner entrée or may be used in sandwiches. Cutlets are best when quickly cooked, either by sautéing or grilling.

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